Music Services

I can provide the following music services. Prices are for 2023. Lessons are held in Camberwell.

  • Private music lessons: $90 per 1-hour lesson (singing, theory, composition, arranging, songwriting, piano, recorder). My current specialty is singing lessons for choristers, coaching for choir solo auditions, and being a safe space for neurodivergent and transgender singers. I agree with my friend Ashley’s motto: “voice parts don’t have a gender”, and will support your voice development goals.
  • Group music lessons: $25 per participant, minimum 3 participants, maximum 6 participants, minimum age 8. (For younger musicians in Camberwell I recommend the Sharon Davis music school, which is excellent value for money and has great teaching staff). These are 1-hour sessions that can be for singing, reading music, or for more advanced musicians: sight singing and composition. Get together with friends and improve your music skills together.
  • Custom Song, makes a special gift for a special occasion.
    • A basic home-recorded custom song provided as an mp3 file, with one vocal plus keyboard accompaniment, or two unaccompanied vocal tracks: $2000. Each extra track $500.
    • Performance of the song in Melbourne metro area: $450.
    • Professionally recorded and mastered basic song: $5500. Each extra track $1500.
    • Up to 500 CDs with professional artwork: $2000.
    • Replication rights: contact me to discuss rates.
  • Performances (prices for up to 2 hours attendance)
    • Solo with keyboard or looper, renditions of my own repertoire: $450.
    • Yes Let’s duo with ukeleles, for fun popular hits and Christmas repertoire: $900.
    • SAS trio, performing hits from the thirties to sixties. The perfect gift for house-bound aging relatives and carers. The perfect popular music for those with dementia. Base rate is $1200 (negotiable) for gigs that don’t require amplification.
    • SAS with additional musicians for that special occasion. $450 per additional musician.
    • MANGA Pro, trio performing music from anime and games a cappella. $1350
  • Conducting or Running Music Education Programmes: $450 per session (up to 3 hours).
  • Singing in French Programme for schools or choirs: $450 per session (up to 2 hours)
  • Choral Composition and Arrangement: contact me to discuss rates for a commission.