Album Launch

My album launch has been scheduled to occur on Saturday 25th October at 7pm at Hares and Hyenas bookstore in Fitzroy.

This gig is a joint gig with RMIT Occasional Choral Society (ROCS) and Queermance Writers Festival, and promises to be a very entertaining variety show.

I’ll be performing a couple of the ballads from my album at the electric piano, a few of my a cappella compositions using a looper, plus a few things that aren’t on my albums.  In particular, to suit the cabaret style event and the general theme of “impeccably questionable taste”, it is a rare chance to hear several of my catches in one night.  These are rounds with hidden messages that are revealed when all parts are heard together and certain syllables are emphasised.  I’ve also written a song on the Queermance theme especially for the gig.

When I’m not doing my solo stuff I’ll be singing with (and occasionally accompanying) various ensemble groups doing songs from musicals as well as a couple of madrigals.  Listen out for the surprise madrigal!

A selection of songs from my albums that I won’t be performing on the night will be heard during the intervals.

There will be a raffle on the night with some amazing prizes, including a $300 corset.

I hope you can make it!


More info available at the Facebook event.

First Customer Review of On the Rocks

“Your new album is gorgeous and extraordinary, Sandra. Spent yesterday afternoon with it, there’s lots to explore and I’m looking forward to the next listening. Congratulations! Very honoured to be the first purchaser.”

Thank you Julie.  I hope all my recipients are as happy.

On the Rocks album is a reality

After nearly 7 years in the making, my third album is finally a physical reality.  It contains 20 tracks that are my usual range of diversity: a cappella to electronic, with quite a few ballads this time.  This is the first album to use acoustic instruments.  On two tracks I play the recorder, in one case multi-tracked to about 6 tracks (My Anchor).  In another I have a saxaphone solo by Trent Howard in the song Scared. Samples of some of his takes are used in two other songs: Too Far and Tiny Blade.  Katherine Sivieng features as a vocalist in one of the bonus tracks (Song for Ben).  The wonderful album cover was designed by Brenden James.  Some of his photography can be seen on YouTubeDarren McKinty (aka Xaeja, aka Dags) gave lots of help sprucing up the audio quality.  If you want to hire a sound engineer “up Upwey way”, then I heartily recommend him.  Mastered by Crystal Mastering.

I don’t have digital distribution yet, but if you want to hear some of the album drafts, you can find them on SoundCloud.  Some have changed dramatically for the album – particularly Drowning.  The Too Far album draft is used in my video.

The first CD sale was on Sunday.  So it begins…