In no particular order


Missa Lolcat (2018): for SSAATTBB plus SSMTBar soloists. ~15.5 minutes. (Missa Lolcat Extract available free for download)


  • Cover of Fragments Sheet Music

    Fragments (2017): for SSAATTBB. Choral work inspired by DNA analysis algorithms. A synthetic voice approximation of Fragments can be heard on Soundcloud. ~8 minutes.

  • analyticalenginecover_scaled

    The Analytical Engine (2016): for SSAATTBB. This sets the words of Ada Augusta Lovelace, often called the first programmer, who, in her article on Babbage’s Analytical Engine, predicted the use of computers for algorithmic composition. The work explores the idea of discovering harmonics before discovering melody.

  • aftermathcoverv2

    Aftermath (2016): for SSAATB, piano, flute, clarinet, beat boxer. Six-movement work on the aftermath of sexual assault. Can also be performed as a three movement work, leaving out the three “pop” style songs, but the last movement (Hope) can end the work on a positive note. ~20 minutes.Songs of Fear (2016): for SSAATB plus beat boxer. Three a cappella songs on the theme of fear and betrayal.  The work was very highly regarded by the judging panel of the 2016 ROCS Occasional Choral Composition Competition. These are the three “pop” style movements (1, 4 and 6) of the full work Aftermath. ~12 minutes.
    Hope (2016): SSATB + beatboxer, last movement of Aftermath, available for free download. Uitdenbogerd’s Hope (Free Sheet Music)

  • Missa Prima: for SATB divisi, SA soloists, percussion and synthesizer.  ~23 minutes long
  • Sandra's Book of Rounds, Canons and Catches

    Sandra’s book of rounds, canons and catches:  rrp$20, distributed in Australia by Encore.  International orders direct from the composer

  • momentscoverscaled

    Moments (2013): SATB a cappella. Highly regarded by the ROCS Occasional Choral Composition Competition 2013 judging panel.  ~ 5 minutes.

  • watersongs_cover_scaled

    Water songs, for SAT choir, SSATTT recorders and cello.

  • Rocks: SATB a cappella, words by Eddy Burger, 3 movements, ~6 minutes total
  • Song for Ben: piano accompanied song, 1.5 minutes
  • Through the eyes of a mirror: for tenor vocalist, flute and trombone. Words by Eddy Burger
  • The Dream: SATB a cappella, ~1.5 minutes.
  • Tokyo Memories last movement: Farewell Hugs: for flute, tenor sax and trumpet
  • The Australian national anthem, Advance Australia Fair, arranged for tenor soloist and SATB a cappella choir (2016). Premiered by Shannon Noll at RMIT graduation 2016.
  • The Australian national anthem, Advance Australia Fair, arranged for tenor soloist and SATB a cappella choir (2017). Premiered by RMIT’s graduation choir, featuring Hannah Johns as choir tenor soloist at RMIT’s mid-year graduation 2017.
  • Chocophoria, for SATB choir and piano
  • Who’s in the next room, for SATB choir and piano
  • I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud (Daffodils), for SATB choir and piano
  • Lucky Person, for SATB choir and concert band

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