Choral Composition Competition Concert

I know I’m terrible at letting people know about things, but I have a concert tomorrow night that I think is worth telling people about.

My choir ROCS will be performing works submitted to the ROCS Occasional Choral Composition Competition. I’m conducting the concert, as well as doing a little singing and keyboard playing.
This amazing collection of music that we are performing covers a wide range of emotions from humour to joy to grief to anxiety. My own work broaches the difficult topic of the aftermath of sexual assault. Composer peers have said very positive things about it: “very effective with confronting text”, “powerful”, “intense”. It’s not for the faint-hearted though, so there will be opportunities for people to leave for the pieces they prefer to avoid, and they will be called back for the remainder of the concert.

This concert may well be the only chance to hear these works. It would be a terrible shame to miss it.

When: Saturday 15th October 7pm
Where: Green Brain Room, RMIT City Campus, Swanston Street, Melbourne
How much: $20/15

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